Unique Qigong

Dr. Recommended

Chi Kung (Qigong) can help us stretch and stay loose and balanced in both mind and body. It makes us more limber, and allows us to cope with the day-to-day struggles of being human.  ~ Dr. Oz

About Floating Monk


Wellness is the central focus of all Floating Monk programs; wellness of spirit, of mind, and body. Our Sitting, Standing, and Stretching Qigong programs all address these important areas, and assist practitioners toward achieving their vision and their goals.


The vision for Floating Monk is to provide Qigong information, education, and training to the general public, businesses, and organizations. Qigong is our passion. We are convinced that Qigong can bring significant physical, mental, and spiritual benefits to those who practice regularly.

Floating Monk’s Outreach Program

Our outreach program provides information, education, and training related to the various Qigong programs we offer, as well as other programs we believe in and support. In addition to the training programs, we are here to inspire and support practitioners on the path of a happy, healthy, and conscientious life.

In addition to our Qigong programs, our Chi-based Coaching Program helps participants to access the quiet within, to reconnect with their intuitive wisdom and their personal divine. Your coach will work with you to understand and apply your insights and to be your guide as you discuss the life you envision and desire for yourself.

Easy to Learn

Feel results the very first time you practice
No equipment or special clothing
Practice anywhere, anytime, at your convenience  

Mind Body Benefit

A sharp, more alert mind 
A feeling of youthful vigor
Increased desire and enhanced sensual performance 
Feel relaxed and focused

Natural Weight Loss

More Energy, and naturally occurring weight loss 
Metabolic balancing
Reduced stress reduces weight 
A Stronger, Firmer Healthier Body