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Who’s Your Sifu?

When choosing a Qigong program, there is one question which stands out above all the rest, that question is; Who’s Your Sifu? When an instructor introduces themselves, their first words should be: I am (their name) and; my Teacher was (their name). Next, they should state how long they trained with the master or instructor, and the training level they achieved.

Since 1985, Robyn Lingen has been owner and creative director of Designwrite Studios, a communications production studio serving a variety of nonprofit organizations, cities, and service businesses. She helps organizations, community projects and businesses become more effective through communications and training strategies where a seasoned ability to motivate, problem-solve, and communicate effectively with audiences is essential. She is an award-winning designer and accomplished trainer and coach.

Robyn has more than 15 years experience in the martial arts. She currently holds the rank of Third Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kenpo Karate. She studies qigong with Master Jeff Larson, and is currently teaching karate and qigong in a variety of business, community and private settings.