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The title “A Walk with the Master” was chosen because in ancient times, if a student was working hard to learn the Masters art, the Master would take them aside and instruct the student to: “walk with them”. It was during these walks that the Master would talk with the student about the principles, philosophy, and theories to help them better understand the art they were learning. Such moments were often the highlight of a student’s training life.

In Level I you will learn the theory, movement and breathing techniques associated with each of the Qigong programs. With practice the many benefits which the programs give you will become more and more apparent. We look forward to being here to support you in your experience and in your journey.

Sitting Qigong practice: Sunrise on Saggado Pond (Ripples on the water)

Our Sitting Qigong practice helps you to “Enter the Quiet” by turning off the noise of the world and the chatter of your own mind. The unique sitting position, circular breathing and Yin/Yang/Yin technique provide a relaxed, yet invigorating Qigong experience. Entering the Quiet can help you to reconnect with your intuitive self, to your innate wisdom and your personal divine.

Standing Qigong Practice: The Quiet Doorway

Step into the circle, activate the twin vortexes, and experience the flow of energy as you inhale and exhale through the up and down motions of this Ancient Shaolin Qigong. Taoist and Shaolin principles come together with Yin/Yang/Yin, Chi River Washing, The Four Exits and more. Begin your day relaxed, but focused with this easy, energizing Qigong practice.

Stretching Qigong practice: The Waking Tiger

Experience what we call The Conversation between your body and your breath in this gentle, flowing series of stretches. This 10 minute program helps to tone your body as you stretch. Open up your muscles and joints and feel the stress release as you move. Over 25 years of class room instruction have gone into developing this unique program. Experience, and enjoy it for yourself.