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The Level II Qigong Program builds upon the breathing, movements and techniques which you learned in Level I. In Level II you will learn how to increase the flow of Chi energy throughout your body. You learn the Six sections of the Circle, and Advanced Chi River Washing, as well as a deeper understanding of how Chi moves through pour bodies, and how we cleanse our bodies and steam out the poison, using a process which no other program teaches. Your understanding of Qigong is lifted to new heights with our Level II Qigong training program.

Sitting Qigong program: Sunset on Saggado Pond (Willows in the breeze)

Level II Sitting Qigong builds upon the sitting posture and breathing practices of Level I. You will learn the six sections of the circle and use this knowledge to draw in and release various muscle groups as you guide your Chi and your breath through your body. You will also learn circular body washing, the hidden breath, and the secret heartbeat, all of which combine to create a truly energizing Qigong experience.

Standing Qigong program: Standing on the Earth

Level II Standing Qigong is an awakening experience. In the Floating Monk Qigong training programs, we reveal long held Qigong secrets both early, and often. In this Level you will learn: The Hidden Breath, The Secret Heartbeat, Bubbling Springs, Circular Chi River Washing, Thunder in the Cave, and much more. Our process of building upon the information and techniques you already possess, you are able to assimilate new knowledge and use it immediately.

Stretching Qigong program: The Tigers Shadow

Level II Stretching Qigong takes you deeper into each of the techniques you learned in Level I, enhancing both your breathing and the stretches themselves. You also learn new series of movements called The Opening Series which you can add to the beginning of your program. In addition, Level II teaches you a series of stretches performed while seated or lying on a mat. This series will help you to release stress from your shoulders and spine and lower back.