This Secret form of Chi Kung from the south China Missionary Jook Lum Temple was for many generations the exercise of the Temple Monks. The philosophy and tecnique of Jook Lum Ting Sing Chi Kung is to learn how to use the breath, in conjunction with mind, motion, relaxation and control to influence the body's 36 main pressure points, along your meridians. 

Daily practice of these exercises can increase your physical energy and reduce both physical, emotional, and mental stress. Historically it has been used as medicinal self-healing exercise for various ailments and dis-eases such as asthma, high or low blood pressure, abdominal challenges, headaches, arthritis, rheumatism and circulation disorders resulting in numbness or stiffness. These exercises are also useful for weight control, and skin health.

What does Chi (Qigong) mean and where did it come from? Also, why haven’t we heard about these amazing programs until now?

A Simple Explanation of Chi (Qigong)

  • The word Chi or Qi (pronounced Chee) means: Breath, or Energy. 
  • The word Kung or Qong (pronounced Gung) means: Work or Practice. 
  • Both Chi Kung and Qigong mean the same thing: Breath Work, or Energy Practice

The term Qigong has two Common Spellings: 

  1. The first way of spelling the word is “Chi Kung” this spelling is common in North America, Europe, and other Western Cultures. 
  2. The second way of spelling the word is “Qigong” this spelling is more common in China and other Eastern Cultures. However, in recent years the “Qigong” spelling has become increasing common in both Eastern and Western Cultures. 
Floating Monk Qigong: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Day

Qigong comes primarily from the Temples of Ancient China. For centuries, tradition dictated that these programs be taught only to the dedicated disciples of a Master. This explains why the knowledge remained secret, deep within the temple walls for hundreds of years.

Some Ancient Qigong practices were lost, primarily because the Master’s died before passing on their knowledge. Other systems, like Floating Monk, were carefully preserved and passed down from one Master to the next, for centuries.