The Grand Master of our system (Henry Poo Yee), while considering the conditions in the world today, recognized that people are longing for the Healing, Life Enriching Programs that Qigong provides. While considering his decision to permit this knowledge to leave the temple, he was encouraged to find that people today are becoming more open, accepting, and respectful of the Ancient Ways. As a result, the Master decided to allow this Qigong to be taught to the public.  

In an act of Love and Compassion for all people, the Grand Master is permitting this knowledge to be revealed to the public. Sifu Jeff Larson, a long time student, and Enter the Gate Disciple of the Great Master, is honored to have the Master’s permission to share this knowledge publicly for the very first time. 

Sifu Jeff, with the assistance of Sifu Jim Beasley (a Graduating Sifu of the Floating Monk Program) designed these exciting, life enhancing programs. 

Our first steps in bringing this information to the public include: 

  1. Recording “The Beginning Program” (Level I) DVD (and writing a Clear, Easy to follow Training Manual) 
  2. Writing a Book: “Ancient Wisdom for Changing Times” (which provides a brief history of Qigong, describes the Origin of Floating Monk, and discusses the early Masters)
  3. Launching group classes and workshops.