• Awaken Body Mind, Spirit

    Awaken Body Mind, Spirit

    Reduce Stress, feel relaxed, focused and calm.
  • Learn and Grow

    Learn and Grow

    Feel younger, stronger, more powerful with these ancient secrets.
  • The Energy is in the Form

    The Energy is in the Form

    At Floating Monk, we offer energizing programs that are easy to learn.
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Easy to Learn

Feel results the very first time you practice
No equipment or special clothing
Practice anywhere, anytime, at your convenience  

Mind Body Benefit

A sharp, more alert mind 
A feeling of youthful vigor
Increased desire and enhanced sensual performance 
Feel relaxed and focused

Natural Weight Loss

More Energy, and naturally occurring weight loss 
Metabolic balancing
Reduced stress reduces weight 
A Stronger, Firmer Healthier Body